Griff's Georgetown

8500 48th Ave
Hudsonville MI, 49426

Mike Hatkowski

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Pro Shop:
(Based on ice schedule)
Sharpening, sticks, gear, laces, apparel, etc

Concessions, WiFi, Arcade, Free Parking

Covid-19 Protocol
Welcome to Griff’s Georgetown, formerly known as Georgetown Ice Center! Please review the below guidelines prior to and upon your arrival. If you feel ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please do not enter the facility. Everyone entering the building must be wearing a face mask and it must remain on for the entirety of your visit. Face masks will not be provided. Do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your ice time. Front entrance has designated “Entrance” and “Exit” signs, please follow the signs to help abide by social distancing rules. Please proceed to either your locker room or the designated arena that your event will be held. Do not congregate in the lobby. If in the lobby, please practice social distancing. Locker rooms will be available, but we encourage all ice users to come dressed as much as possible. Players must bring their own water bottle and it must be clearly marked with their name on it. No sharing of water bottles or any equipment. Griff’s Georgetown is a tobacco free facility which includes no chewing tobacco. No spitting anywhere in our facility, this includes the ice, benches, locker rooms etc. No outside food allowed. There are hand sanitizing stations in the lobby. Please utilize the sanitizing stations while inside the facility following the CDC guidelines. Players/Coaches and guests must depart as soon as possible after the conclusion of their ice time. Everyone on the ice shall wear facial coverings at all times during on-ice events. This includes coaches, players, and referees. Maximum number of spectators allowed in building is 250. We ask that each player/coach invite immediate family members only and limit to 5 guests each. Spectators must wear a mask inside at all times. Please practice social distancing while sitting in the stands.